Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Therapist, And Flagrant Self-Promotion (LINKS NOW FIXED)

Against my better judgment, I have decided to link a few personal favorites here, for the sake of easy access, and because the labyrinth nature of the BlogSpot archives are a bit temperamental. I am doing this primarily because I am of the belief that the majority of my new readers rarely dig backwards, but rather check in every other day or so to see what's new. It is for you that I perform this selfless, unremunerated yeoman's work. And to those who've been with me from day one: God Bless Ya!

To wit:

Sacramento Kings Players Demand Subtitles For Stojakovic

Amish Crime Statistics Show Dramatic Rise In Smitings, Photography

Kofi Annan Proposes New "Jews For Oil" Program

Hell Enlarging Self To accommodate Blue States, Baby Boomers

Ralph Nader To Take On Piano Wire Seatbelt Industry

Mom’s Militant Pro-Choice Involvements Make For Some Really Awkward Birthdays

Millions To Be Indicted In US, "Work-For-Money" Scandal

Islamic Divorce Court Awards Woman Half Of Face

Report: Landslides Could Turn California Into Red State

And quite possibly, the most viscerally-recieved story I have yet posted,

Wireless Internet program Allows Ethiopians To Google™ Images Of Food, Water

Hope you newbies enjoy these. A good weekend to all. See you on Sunday morning . . .

--The Therapist

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