Friday, May 13, 2005

Senator Boxer Decries "Abuses At Abby Grub"

Compares American treatment of prisoners to "Rise of the Third Rick"

Boxer: Not going to sit by and watch the
"horrors chronicled in Andy Frankfurter's
diary" to be played out with American actors.

Washington--In an already passionate posture over the nomination woes of John Bolton for UN Ambassador, California senator Barbara Boxer saved her most acidic invective for the troops themselves.

"I am concerned about the polittle-ization of intelligence amongst governing bodies," she said. "But nothing disturbs me more than the horrific, dehumanizing pictures I've seen some out of Abby Grub, not to mention Geronimo Bay, Cuba."

Boxer also said that the abuses by American forces conferred upon the prisoners far superceded the horrors of the "Baton Rouge Death March" as well as the "Rape of Nat King Cole."

"We have before us, what portends to be an under the radar manifestation--the cold winds of the Third Rick coming back to haunt us in our own forces" she said. "The Bush administration's military policy is nothing more than an echo; a dark, slow moving train to the German gas stations of World War II--particularly the horrors at Hindenburg."

Senators on the other side of the aisle made little comment, other than to say Boxer's stinging words were so masterfully crafted, that little debate could ever emerge against them.

"While I believe her comparisons are a bit on the hyperbolous side," said Sen. Trent Lott. "There's little I can do in the court of public opinion when their outlook on foreign policy is so skillfully galvanized by stinging similes between prisoner abuses and the bombing of Hiroshima. We are paralyzed, politically."

Boxer also said that republican attempts to employ the "nuclear option" in the senate filibuster debate "could be far worse than the 1980 child-killing sprees in Atlantis."

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