Saturday, May 07, 2005

Reporting Of April Jobs Surge Weaker Than Expected

Washington--The Labor Department's April report that exceeds jobs growth expectations by 104,000 jobs is getting reported at a rate far weaker than analysts had expected.

The report, which indicates a staggering addition of 274,000 jobs to the marketplace, appears to flounder in its ability to gain media traction. Some believe this could bode badly for future good economic news.

"What we have here, is the classic scenario where the majority of the public is fat, well-fed and at peace, yet have no idea they have any of those things," said one economist. "We are afraid that good news that grows too rapidly could cause an informational inflationary cycle that only be tempered with extremely bad news."

Other analysts believe that the rapidly-growing economy's lack of coverage lies in the more benign sins of media omission; routine displacement by hard-hitting coverage of the news.

"Look, there’s a runaway bride out there," said one analyst. "Throw in a dash of American Idol, Brad and Jennifer, and who knows what else, and you've got a populace with no idea they're living in a great economy with too much time on their hands."

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