Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tony Danza's Go-Kart Crash Brings Awareness To Protective Hair Issue

Had Tony Danza not maintained the structural integrity
of his 1980's (l), hairstyle, Monday's go-kart crash (r), may
have had a different and disastrous end.

New York--Unhurt after an accident during a taping of the Tony Danza Show, Host Tony Danza capitalized on the accident with an endorsement for wearing protective hair gear.

Danza was racing NASCAR start Rusty Wallace on New York’s West 66th street, when Danza’s go-kart flipped on the corner turn. Wallace rushed to aide the 54-year-old television star, and found him in a “surprisingly good state of repair.”

Danza attributed his lack of substantial cranial injuries to his luxuriously thick head of hair.

“You can’t kill Tony Danza when he’s got his hair on,” he said. “ Two weeks after a haircut, I’m practically invincible.”

Safety experts agree.

“Mr. Danza is the sterling example for those inclined to ride precariously, without any kind of hair,” said one. “His hair has carried him through the early years of pugilistic competition, through the on-set tirades of Danny Devito, and right on through to this gut-wrenching crash. Hair helmet safety is something we all take for granted. Mr. Danza illustrated today, the thing veneer between action and disaster.”

Experts have yet to substantiate a reported link between Danza’s decades-long series of repeated blows to the head with the second tier roles he has maintained throughout the years, primarily Taxi, and Who’s The Boss?

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