Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reasons For The Indian Government To Ban My Blog

No, it hasn't happened to me yet . . . but one can always hope. I know one thing is for sure: if you want to stop the advances of an inbred religious sect with a coercive god, then ban their critics from your webspace. They'll go away and not slit your children's throats immediately.

Moreover, I direct you to what are perhaps the most offensive articles I've ever done on Islamic nutroots:

Arab Muslims Riot Over Coverage Of Earlier Riots

Scientists On Iran Earthquakes: "It's Allah's Fault."

Chirac Turns Up Heat By Banning Rioters From French Airspace

White House Raises Concerns About Arab Advances In Gasoline, Matches

Diorama Doll Calls For Calm As Muslims Riot Over Cartoon Attack

Kofi Annan Proposes New "Jews For Oil" Program

I'm Not A Muslim Terrorist, I'm A Terrorist Who Happens To Be Muslim

Ayman Al-Zawahiri Urges Those Already Killing People To Kill People

Many Recall What They Were Doing When They First Heard Of Quran Desecration

Terrorists Threaten To Detonate Antibacterial "Clean Bomb" in Europe

Zarqawi Vows To "Increase Descriptions" of Insurgent Attack Methods

Newspaper Accidentally Reports Islamic Slaughter Of Unimportant Christian Family

Islamic Militants Threaten To Behead Vermont Teddy Bear

Election-Fatigued Media Finally Able To Resume Rooting For Terrorists

Eason Jordan Issuing Press Credentials To Senior Al-Queida Operatives

And my personal favorite,

Islamic Divorce Court Awards Woman Half Of Face

Ban me. Please.

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