Monday, June 06, 2005

Many Recall What They Were Doing When They First Heard Of Quran Desecration

Nick Berg execution video barely on radar

As horror stories about Qurans with frayed binding markers continue to surface(left), many recall the exact moment they heard about such abuses, but register little if any memory of Nick Berg's attempts to plead for his life through a gaping hole in his trachea(right).

Anytown--56 years-old Charlotte Campbell recalls it like it happened yesterday. A toilet. A Muslim bible. Unspeakable literary carnage.

"I was on my way to Owen's Pharmacy to pick up medication for my acid reflux, " she said. "When the man on the radio said that a Quran may have been subjected to deliberate and willful binding overflex. I looked at my own self, and said life is so short."

Campbell said she went home and hugged her own books, "not taking any of them for granted."

24 year-old Josh Lupine noted similar reactions on his part.

"I remember studying about the German death camps in school by watching Schindler's List," he said. "It took days for me to get the implied images out of my mind. Then the other day, our coach pulls us aside in the middle of a varsity game and told us about Quran's having bookmarks removed from select 'kill the infidel' passages. I literally felt the cold winds of the Third Reich blowing through that game."

Many other share similar "where they were" stories with the same chilling recollections of stacked Qurans, Qurans being opened upside down, Qurans with frayed binding markers, and the almost unspeakable act of American forces having an "undefined smirk" on their face while in the presence of the Quran.

These recollections far outshine the collective consciousness of those who "barely remember" a televised video showing American Nick Berg attempting to scream through a bifurcated trachea as his captors sliced off his head with a knife.

"I think I remember something," says Campbell. "Maybe . . .wait he was wearing orange, right? Maybe he was guilty. I really can't say, and I really don't want to impugn another's culture without first collecting all the facts. But as far as what I was doing when I heard about it, I really don't remember."

Lupine's remarks are hauntingly similar.

"The only thing I remember was the really cohesive liturgy those guys were chanting, and how annoyed I was by all the screaming," he said. "But no, I couldn't tell you when I first heard about it . . . he's dead, right?"

When asked if they had any recollection of hypersonic pleas, the uniform forcing of the victim to the ground, or the sudden gurgling-water ambiance of one's screams being diverted through a perpendicular slit in the throat, none were able to say definitively.

"With stuff like CSI out there, it's hard to have all the real stuff cut through the noise," said Campbell. "I'll go home and Google for Rick Barger tonight, and see what I get."

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