Monday, February 06, 2006

Arab Muslims Riot Over Coverage Of Earlier Riots

Originally posted May 18th, 2005. Funny how nothing changes with these idiots.

Middle East--Complaining about "distinctly monolithic reporting" with regard to rioting, Arab Muslims around the Middle East took to the streets to protest media coverage of their earlier takings to the street.

Arab Muslims riot against the abuses reported at Abu Ghraib (L).
Protesters lash out against the way their riots have been sanitized in
the American press (R)

"We are here to take to the street," said one angry Arab. "Notice how we have taken to the streets with even greater fervor and passion to display our shoe-bottoms towards the Great Satan."

Media analysts agree.

"There is a tendency to dilute the passion these people wield," said one expert. "And falsely create the illusion that Muslim riots are vacuous forays, as opposed to legitimate political discourse."

Muslims protest frquent irregularity
discomfort as a Zionist plot.

Some believe that the American mindset is also prone to bouts of “Muslim Fatigue.”

“When you live your life in such a fashion, to disincline them from activities such as spitting on pictures of president Bush, and waving small-caliber firearms in the streets, one tends to become a bit too comfortable,” said one expert. “So Joe American begins to roll his eyes because he’s totally disconnected from his Arab neighbors across the ocean, and their penchant for blowing themselves up. The subtle beauties of such things are lost on Joe Six-Pack, and it’s just sad.”

Muslims display collective outrage
over media implication that Arab men
hire more than one hooker before slaughtering
innocents and blowing themselves up

Rioters claim that each separate riot falls through the grates of journalistic laziness.

“You, in the media, must repeat every threatening of the infidel, or we will drink the blood from the necks of your copy editors,” said one Arab, angry at being misquoted in an earlier threat. “I stand on all four pillars of Islam and proclaim it.”

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