Wednesday, June 22, 2005

White House Proposes Printing Q'uran On American Flag

Dems say move will promote "undue supplications" to American symbol

Washington--Even as the US House of Representatives attempts to place the American Flag into a protected status against protestation burnings, the White House is proposing that all new flags be constructed to include an embroidered, Arabic text of the Q'uran.

"White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, noted that the amalgamation of American iconography and sacred literature will throw "baby boomers into a tizzy."

What are they going to do next, desecrate the Bible?" he asked. "Talk about a conflicted group. Man alive.'

Senate minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, said the incendiary notion of polluting a "peaceful and forthright example of holy literature" with "the banner of imperialism and hate."

Muslim groups also decry the proposal.

"We will rise up and pluck the eye from your infidel editorial staff," said one angry Muslim. "We will drink their blood from their ink-jet printers until you are forced to buy new cartridges."

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