Saturday, June 18, 2005

And Now A Letter From A Concerned Citizen . . .

Despite the fact that I am patiently waiting to be vetted by for some piece of tripe I've written, I do not enjoy the occasional and heart-rending misunderstandings that stem from a satirical disconnect.

I present to you, the following email, with my subsequent reply, regarding my recent bit about Dean using an Alzheimer's-ridden puppet to mock Charlton Heston:


Please tell me this is false. I cannot ever imagine making fun of someone with Alzheimer’s as I have lost family members and it is horrible.

If this is true please spread this around to have more coverage. I really think Dean is a mental case.

Thanks.(Name omitted)

Assuming the anecdotal stuff is true, I feel bad. But I have no way of knowing, so my reply is of course to the point and devoid of anguish:

Dear -----

It is false. It is a satire, and an artistic projection of what he might say, should his demons gain any more control over his synapses.

But do I think he's capable? Absolutely. ABC News is blaming the republicans for the man's remarks now. The link is here: Dems, Dean Hit in Message War.

Lastly, I hope Dean is around for a long time. He's doing for the left what a ball peen hammer did for Jeffery Dahmer.


Now, I draw attention to my complete lack of compassion in the email, because I am suspicious that this is a quid pro quo from the Dean people, to whom I sent the following, reporting myself:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am concerned about something I saw this morning on this blog

The Blog claims that Mr. Dean was making fun of Charlton Heston's Alzheimer's disease. If this is true, then I am removing all support, moral and otherwise, from any future Howard Dean endeavor's. I will also resign from what is still a local, fledgling upstart support group. This is appalling behavior, and I've had a hard enough time swallowing the recent remarks about Christians--much less a tasteless digression into mocking degenerative brain illnesses.

I wish we Democrats could curtail our righteous indignation until the right words come to us. Making fun of the infirm, no matter how reprobate their ideas, will never sit well with me, or my family.

D. Giesecke, Democrats for Dean,
Redding, California

Unless Barbara Boxer is heading up Dean's nerve-center than they probably figured out I was trying to raise their hackles myself. Either way, I have no idea whether they've blown me off, or whether they've played the slippery eel with me.

But I'm not taking any chances.

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