Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dean Retracts "Durbin The Turban" Epithet

Washington--head of the Democratic National Committee and former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, said he was a "bit hasty" in referring to his colleague, Illinois senator Richard Durbin as "Durbin the Turban."

"I got a little heated, after that whole bit where I tried to twist Dick Cheney's words to sound like he was talking about my mother," he said. "You get to flailing around, and now and then, you're gonna kill a few civilians."

Dean had launched the epithet on the heels of Durbin’s recent remarks, in which he compared American forces to the Nazis.

"For a single moment, it sounded like Mr. Durbin was rooting for the terrorists. I couldn't take that idea, and so I called him Durbin the Turban. But since he's apologized, I also apologize now, as my remarks are rendered moot--he appears to have removed all visible support for Al Queida."

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