Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Katie Couric Interviews Runaway Bride On Running, Awayness

Televised interview will include Wilbanks' eyelids, say insiders

Katie Couric's "go get-em" style is credited with simultaneously
answering questions related to arriving at places after a significant
run, as well as dispelling the aesthetic perceptions created by overused file photos.

New York--NBC Today Show's host, Katie Couric, has secured the first televised interview with Jennifer Wilbanks, known to the rest of the country as the "runaway bride."

Couric admits the interview, "could be the most explosive" of her career.

"Here you have this bride, who like, ran," said Couric. "Couple that with the fact that her running caused her to be away? Whoa Nelli! We're going to own Arbitron after this one."

Couric's straight-on interviewing style is credited with the burgeoning interest in the story as well.

"Katie's tenacious streak is what's going to drive this thing into stratospheric levels," said one NBC executive. “Nobody else has the guts to look this woman in the eye and say, ‘why did you run, and where did you run to?’ That kind of rat-terrier doggedness will have the armchair analysts clawing the upholstery off their La-Z-Boys.”

On insider also noted that the televised interview would show a side previously unseen by the public: the fact that Wilbanks indeed has eyelids.

“It’s our job to get these things out,” he said. ‘And nobody can elicit a bilateral display of eyelids better than Katie Couric.”

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