Thursday, June 23, 2005

DC Mayor To Bulldoze Ruth Bader Ginsberg's House For Homeless Shelter

ABC 'Home Makeover' team commissioned to evict Justice

Mayor Williams, announcing the domocilic
ouster of Justice Gindsberg

Washington-In an immediate municipal action based upon the just-released ruling by the United States Supreme Court, DC Mayor Anthony Williams has announced that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg "needs to start packing" as the city's plans for a suburban homeless shelter have finally been vetted.

Ginsberg was one of five justices who ruled that city governments may seize private property in the name of furthering beneficial municipal programs.

"We are allowing time for Ms. Ginsberg to dismantle her Bill Clinton altar, as well as her mannequal tributes to Ruth Buzzi," said Williams. "But as soon as those black robes are in the foyer, Tai Pennington's gonna pull up in that big old bus and give her the bells and whistles eviction--complete with that maudlin, fashion-crazy gay guy."

Pennington's ubiquitous megaphone will
let Justice Ginberg know when she must
get herself and her robes out to the street.

Ginsberg said she will "respect her own ruling" despite the fact that "I do not agree with it anymore."

Ginsberg is expected to get a temporary flat with fellow justice, David Souter, until she can "find somebody else to evict."

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