Friday, June 17, 2005

Jon Bon Jovi Still Recalls Million Faces, Rocking All

This circa-1987 photo shows road-weary
Bon Jovi before his famed "face-rocking"
entered into the seven figure range.

Trenton, NJ—Singer/songwriter Jon Bon Jovi, of the group Bon Jovi, says he can “still recall” the million faces he’s seen, all of which he has “rocked.”

“It’s all the same,” he said. “only the names have changed.”

Bon Jovi says this phenomenon happens "everyday", but that it seems they’re “wasting away.”

The singer also notes that different performance venues can produce faces that “are so cold, I drive all night, just to get back home.”

As road life continues to take its toll on the minds and health of younger performers, Bon Jovi admits to certain, experiential acclimations.

“Sometimes I sleep,” he said. “Sometimes it’s not for days. The people I meet, always go their separate ways.”

He does say that the fatigues and redundancies of town-to-town itinerancy can manifest itself in “certain idiosyncrasies.”

“Sometimes you tell the day by the bottle that you drink,” he said. “But sometimes when you’re all alone—all you do is think.”

Bon Jovi admits to being a “cowboy” who mounts a “steel horse.”

“I’m wanted,” he says. “Dead or alive.”

The singer notes that he also “walks these streets,” with a “loaded six-string on my back.” Playing for keeps, a part of Bon Jovi’s road credo also entering in when he notes, “I might not make it back.”

“I’ve been everywhere,” said Bon Jovi. “And I’m standing tall.”

Guitarist Richie Sambora piped in with an affirming “Oh yeaaaah.”

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