Friday, June 17, 2005

Cuban Government Discovers Mass Air-Conditioner Grave Outside Guantanamo

The Cuban government is already reburying
tens-of-thousands of disfigured, mutilated air
conditioning units.

Cuba—The Cuban government announced today, that an excavation meant for burying Cuban dissidents alive inadvertently unearthed “tens of thousands” of freon-based air-conditioning units.

The discovery also appears to buttress claims by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, that repeated “on and off” torture techniques with regard to temperature-reducing devices are an organic part of the American prisoner-treatment program.

“I cannot begin to describe the initial photographs I have seen,” says Durbin. “But I will say that the images of emaciated, dirt-clogged coolant grills and frayed electrical cords is something that will haunt me for a long, long time.”

Durbin then apologized to Castro’s government for, “ the atrocious and dehumanizing intrusion by American forces into the time-honored machinations of Cuba” by virtue of the grim discovery.

“I personally apologize for this embarrassing interference into your soverign, microcosmic genocidal procedures,” he said.

Other democratic leaders called for an immediate investigation into what is now being called “Appliance-Gate.”

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