Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fellow Dems Demand Apology After Durbin Compares Communists To Nazis

Washington--Top democratic leaders, including senate minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, demanded an immediate retraction by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, in which he compared the Former Soviet Union and communism to the "juggernaut of Nazism."

"This is a reprehensible employment of the Nazi card," said Pelosi. "The similarities are so remote this barely deserves the attention it's being given. Well, I guess there are the mass graves, the tactical separation of families, and the burying of people alive to save bullets. But beyond that these comments are divisive and corrosive in a time when we need to band together to defeat baby-killer Bush."

Durbin has unapologetically compared American forces with those in the Third Reich, and has even referred to the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay as a "death camp."

“These projections fall within the scope of senate decorum,” said Pelosi. “But to make statements to the effect that Stalin was like Hitler, and the Khmer Rouge was microcosmic mirror to the Third Reich is just going too far. We will not stand for it, and censure is not off the table at this point, unless some serious soul-searching is engaged in by our misguided colleague.”

Durbin has indicated he is “considering” a public retraction of his comments critical of communism—which include the donning of sackcloth and ashes, the monotonic recitation of 150 “Hail Politburos”, and the compensatory comparison of Jesus to Adolf Hitler.

I am a broken man today,” Said Durbin. “If I believed in Hell, I know I’d be going there.”

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