Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Delinquent, Gratitudinous Aside

It seems like the last two or three times I have decided to rant, rave, vociferate and peel off with a vengeance has entailed primarily, the looming desire to shelve this blog. This post will not enter that water, whatsoever.

I will point out to my good friends in the blogosphere, that I am aware that you all link to me millions of more times than I link to you, with the exception of my blogroll itself. I am also blessed to have those same friends understand that the one unfortunate drawback to my satire/news format is that I masquerade as an editor to seemingly real news. And since real news gives the distinct impression that they are some kind of primary source, I have to assume the same, arrogantly contrived posture. I have the belief that high mockery must set off a few key synapses of familiarity in order to be funny. Thus, I am somewhat manacled in a procedural sense.

But I feel that I must break character for another aside of thanksgiving to a few friends. I will not be giving a statistically mundane boiling-down of my entire blogroll this time. Instead, I would like to thank a few faithful friends, who have breathed life into some otherwise rigor-mortically inclined cyber-nostrils—in no real order, as all of these are of great import to me—personally and otherwise. Though the catalyst for this post is my simulataneous linkings by both LaShawn Barber and Michelle Malkin, I must say that those would never have happened without the love and faithfulness of my equals. To wit:

WAZZADEM: John is a sincerely funny man. He is also a black-belt in the fine art of empathetic encouragement. He also beat me to LaShawn Barber’s blogroll, and was then nice enough to not try to put a mystical cloak around his answer when I asked him how he managed that. He is also a true friend to me behind the scenes, and is one of only a few reasons I even kept this blog on line.

SONDRAK: And this would be one of my other reasons. I got a good earful from her about the ebbs and flows of this game, and some much-needed cheering up. She’s a fireball of the highest order, and has acquired the craziest links of information for me in the clutch. It was her that made the difference between my shelving a hilarious bit and putting it up for human consumption, because of her appallingly complex connections.

BASIL'S BLOG: I've got to tell you. I get a ridiculously steady stream of traffic from this guy, and it’s because he links to me in a ridiculously steady manner. No one has given me the consistently complimentary exposure, and for that alone I cannot thank him enough. But to top it off, he’s one real nice guy.

BEAUTIFUL ATROCITIES: I always know that if I get a sudden, unexplainable spike in my clicker count, it’s because Jeff was reading me and linked to me. I can always get a straight answer from him, whenever I’ve had a question, but there’s something else I want to add about Jeff over there: Chances are he is covering something nobody else is, and doing it funnier than anybody else could, even if they were covering it. He kills me.

TIME HATH FOUND US: Tom Spence: Steady reader, steady commenter, and all around organic part of this blog as far as I’m concerned. I’ve also managed to not blogroll him for some reason—until now. Sorry about that, Tom.

DECISION ’08: Another of the good ones. Managed to get a barrage of traffic from Instapundit with one infinitesimally sized link. I will not forgive him for that.

CRANKY NEOCON: Somehow, I bet you thought I forgot about you over there. Nope.

Okay, so I am going to have to pour through my comments list, and see who I’ve forgotten, because I know I have. If I have please email me, and let me have it. I promise I’ll make good on it.

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