Friday, May 06, 2005

Unpopulated Mars Already In Need Of Landfill

Scientists discover "hard evidence" of own existence

This AP/NASA photo shows what scientists believe to be a parachute, and its corresponding Mars Polar Lander. One NASA noted that "discovering our own existence through Mars exploration" was a moment for his grandchildren to hear about

Cape Canaveral--As NASA scientists continue to scour the face of Mars, analysts within the aerospace organization are admitting that repeated pummeling of the planet with metallic hybrids and non-biodegradable textiles could make their search for life difficult.

"We have concluded in our findings that we exist," said one NASA insider. "We have also concluded that since we exist, that some remotely-guided waste management system would be in the best interest of that planet as well."

Most say that any assumed microscopic organisms that may live on the red planet will have a hard time moving discarded rovers and unwieldy parachute material.

"Chances are, they won't even be able to budge it," said one scientist. “Although we admit outside our professional job-description, that it would be funny to se the stuff moving around like an ant-toted picnic basket from Yogi & Boo Boo.

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