Sunday, May 15, 2005

Experts Warn Completed Star Wars Epic Could Reinforce Bias Against Tusken Raiders

Kid-glove portrayal of Yoda puts evil stigma on force's dark side, say some

Losing the PR battle: Cultural indicators point
to "significant societal stigmas" to be conferred
upon the Tusken Raiders (l) unless George Lucas'
monolithically-positive portrayal of Yoda(r) is tempered
with some measurable degree of negativity.

Los Angeles—As the pandemonium for the sixth installment of Star Wars comes to a fever pitch, experts say cultural indicators predict “dire treatment” for Tusken Raiders when the last movie hits mainstream availability.

“It’s been bad enough for them,” said one expert. “having your entire planet vaporized by the Death Star and all.”

Tusken raiders first made their appearance inthe original Star Wars, and were presumed vanquished when Tatooine, the home planet of benevolent Jedi, Luke Skywalker, had key cities razed by the forces aligned with Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Tusken Raiders were a roustabout band of sand pirates, faces obscured by elaborately ugly facial wraps.

“We have reason to believe the Tusken Raiders have survived,” said one observer. “And their life has not been made any easier by the inaugural film, though chronologically speaking it really is the fourth installment.”

Others observe potentially darker fallout from the story’s perceived finality.

“This last movie really aligns the planets of negativity towards the dark side of The Force as well,” said a noted Force scholar. “Here you have that huggable Muppet, Yoda. He’s been nothing but a bastion of wisdom with pithy quips like, There is not try, only do. He started off as a semi decrepit, failing 800-year old Jedi midget, and now George Lucas has the little slug swashbuckling and fighting with a light saber. How is the dark, seething, occultic side of the Force supposed to overcome the chains of Yoda’s, happy-day portrayal?”

Yoda claims his character’s Confucian haikus and dexterous control over the good side of The Force provide needed balance against the backdrop of negative energy that spills out of the cinematic phenomenon.

“The Cantina is very full,” says Yoda. “Yet few are drinking.”

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