Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Prince Harry Goosesteps Near Plate of Gefilte Fish

Already reeling from recent scandals connecting Prince Harry to careless, fascist clothing statements, Buckingham Palace is bracing for another political firestorm.

Prince Harry was spotted doing a "stiff-legged, Nazi-like" cadence near a plate of gefilte fish, sitting in repose in a public house window by local merchants.

The prince denies any "isometric malfeasance" towards the traditionally jewish meal. "I would duck in myself, if I weren't put off by the smell." he said. Even those comments were later vetted for latent, nazi predelictions. The young Prince even found himself having to explain away his "german-esque trot" to a yeast infection.

The Assailant: Prince Harry; The Victim: gefilte fish with parsley garnish

Prince Harry is renowned for his sometimes-edgy, rugged individualism which occasionally rears its head in the form of an incoherent ale-swilling aryan with swishy inbreeding, complete with swastika armband. "He gets what he deserves," said one of the palace gardners. "He's plowed his vessel into 'untouchable' territory. Today is payday."

Prince Harry's fervent iconoclasm was evident
even at his mother's funeral, where he "refused to
hold his head at angles commencorate with the rest."

Prince Charles has registered his "supreme distress" at Harry's recent antics, and assures the world that Harry will "be visitng Auchwitz with an entire rucksack full of matza balls if he has to."

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