Tuesday, January 18, 2005

France Unveils "Easier-to-Hit" Super Plane

Toulouse, France(TP)

French President Jaques Chirac, presided over the cermonial unveiling of AirBus' double-decked, record breaking passenger plane.

In a speech given yesterday, Chirac touted the European eclipse of the United States' hedgemony in the manufacuring of targets for Islamic Fundamentalists. "Those beholden to the antiquated Stinger Missiles, or even the Vietnam-era RedEye launchers will note that the playing field for downing an aircraft has been leveled substantially." he said.

The AirBus A380's improved naked-eye visibility
makes it a prime choice for lower income terrorists.

CEO's from 14 major airline manufacturers attended the ceremony in Toulouse. Chirac called the A380 "a veritable liner of the skies" and said its debut "is for all of us a moment of emotion and pride."

The french newspaper, Le Monde declared the plane "UN-DOWNABLE" on their front page headlines. One internal designer himself tends to concur as well.

"Even God could not bring this plane down," he said.

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