Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Kerry Prepared To Vote For Rice Before He Votes Against Her

Former Democratic presidential nominee, Sen John Kerry noted that he "Might vote against" the confirmation of Condoleeza Rice for the job of Secretary of State. He then indicated that, should this be the case that it will not come without first registering a vote in her favor.

Senator Kerry, shaking hands with
nominee Rice, and logging his intent to
support--then ultimately oppose her

Senator Kerry has a long and honored history of voting for things that he will later oppose. This tactic, while considered dangerous for the political novice, has worked well for Kerry, who fervently opposed Vietnam shortly after slicing the ears off of civilain rice-farmers in the southern quarter as a vociferous supporter of the war. He later went on to be vigorously nominated for the 2004 presidential candidacy of the democratic party.

Rice is aware of the long standing, ripple effects that can emerge from Kerry being one of the only senators to oppose her. "All that needs to happen is for him to vote against her first, and then he will later vote for her," said one senate aide to Kerry. "but he traditionally votes against things in the latter half of the process."

Kerry currently opposes the war in Iraq. It was believed that, had he become president, that he would have then been for it.

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