Monday, June 05, 2006

Kennedy Leaves Rehab With Positive Attitude, Urine

Says "remembers very little" about recovery

Kennedy: Hoping for improved recall of future accidents

Rhode Island--Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy, son of Massachusetts senator Edward M. Kennedy, said the month of "sheer, alcoholic hell" he spent in rehab following an amnesic, middle-of-the-night car crash near the DC Capitol.

"Had I been able to comprehend the moment at all, I would have never made it through the process," said Kennedy to an assembled crowd at Brown University. "The wake-up calls are numerous. I just wish I could wake up."

Dr. David Buncombe of the Mayo Clinic says Kennedy’s attitude is not the only thing registering a positive reading.

"He's just plain positive," he said. "Right down to his urinary output."

Kennedy also noted his resolve to "remember every unprosecuted DUI I ever commit.”

“He can do it,” said Buncombe. “He’s got the will to kick this thing. Even if his congressional voting record has to show 100% absences, I believe he’s going to do it.”

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