Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New York Times: Blacks Can't Comprehend Difference Between Hard Work, Bribery

Close family ties, boot-straps tenacity may have also contributed to Lawmaker's institutional blindness, say colleagues

Jefferson: Racially Incompetent, According to NYT. Some speculate as to
whether lawmaker understands the implicit monagamy in marriage vows.

Washington--As separation of powers controversy continued to swell around the FBI raid of the office of Louisiana Democrat, William Jefferson, many unnamed democratic insiders say they were "relieved" to see Tuesday's New York Times, which claims Mr. Jefferson's Black-based inability to discern right and wrong has exculpatory merit.

"Somebody's got to stand up and say it," said one democratic insider. "He's black. What do you expect from a black Congressman, honesty in and of itself? Not without a glock to his temple."

Others democrats claim that FBI agents "seized upon and exploited" what they claim is an "afro-centric inability to turn down a bribe."

"Sure, the deficit is there," said one source. "But they don't have to get all up in his face like that with cash. I'm just sickened by the crass opportunism that has been appropriated here. You may as well have sucker-punched Michael J. Fox. Neither is equipped to handle that kind of confrontation."

Some House Republicans have also come to the lawmaker's defense as well.

"Here's a man, raised with values, strong family ties, an impregnable work ethic, and is also black," said House Speaker Dennis Hastert. "You do the math. We had no business raising the ethical bar that high and expecting him to meet it. What are they thinking over there?"

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