Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Katie Holmes Not Worried Tom Will Leave Her For Second-Trimester Fetus

Runors in and around Hollywood say Tom Cruise's roving eye could have him reaching out for embryonic company while away from his stated love, Katie Holmes. Both Cruise and Holmes dispute the veracity of "such trash." Most believe anything earlier than a second-trimester relationship "absurd."

Los Angeles—Radiating in the rapturous glow of new love, actress Katie Holmes told interviewers this week that she has “absolutely no worries” about existing in the third trimester of existence.

Some have intimated that the comparatively older boyfriend, Tom Cruise, could become restless yet again, and seek the company of a younger woman.

“You just can’t listen to the tabloids,” she said. "They’re constantly digging through your garbage, and placing you in situations you were never in. Believe it or not, they’ve got Tom over there in Europe looking at ultrasound data right now. He’s doing business, people. Get a life!”

Holmes continued to answer question regarding her reported conversion to Scientology—the fervent belief system to which Cruise has been an adherent for many years.

“I like it,” she said.” Especially when I get to look at gametes under the microscope. In fact, that’s what he’s doing over there in Europe, meeting with some friend of his named, I think Duvall Helix, or something like that.”

Holme's youthful confidence is glaringly apparent.

"It's like he knew me before I even knew who he was," she said. "But Tom still; had to look past the petrie dish and see me for who I really am. And that's why I love him so much."

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