Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Al Franken Moving Into Garrison Keillor's Extra Bedroom

Being near real radio/book success a real plus, he says

Franken's uncanny resemblance to Keillor is
considered an informational wildcard, as many
continue to speculate about the nature of their
relationship, and whether or not their new living
arrangement is one of political convenience.

St. Paul--Mulling over a senate bid, Air America progenitor, Al Franken, is solidifying a Minnesota residency with long-time companion, Garrison Keillor.

"We've decided to make it official," said Franken, the creator and writer of box -office albatross Stuart Saves His Family. "This move not only allows me the latitude necessary for political aspirations, but will also allow our Prairie Home-grown love to blossom."

Keillor, author of the super-successful Lake Wobegon series of books, is also host of a Saturday public radio variety show, called Prairie Home Companion.

Franken's move is not meant to augur anything other than an exploratory measure, as a decision whether or not to run for senate still hangs in the balance. Franken's liberally-slanted radio network has also seen it's own share of meteoric success, with dozens of new listeners tuning in every month.

"The caller we had yesterday was completely vital to the success of the entire broadcast," said Franken. "I just can't thank them enough. Well, I could because there's only one, but you get my meaning."

Franken said he and Keillor hot it right off, when they realized that both their most recent literary successes were predicated on writing books about people they hate.

"For him it was Jesse Ventura, for me--Rush Limbaugh," he said, referring to his enormously popular, Rush Limbaugh is a Big fat Idiot. When asked about the razor wit required to create such a title, Franken blanches.

"I'm just doing my job, and kissing Garrison. I mean kissing up to Garrison."

Limbaugh is no longer fat.

Keillor could not be reached for comment, as he was reported to be "hoisting a few" and politicizing the Lutherans.

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