Thursday, February 10, 2005

R&B Singer Houston To Have Left Eye Replaced With Right Eye

Surgery extremely risky; take many hours to transplant

Los Angeles---R&B, rap and musical superstar, Houston, who gouged out his own eye in a purported suicide attempt, will undergo a grueling and risky surgery to replace the eye. This, according to the doctors at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles.

Houston: Currently Left-eyeless.
Right eye may be the only way
to restore it.

"We were unable to locate an appropriate match within the windows of opportunity," said Dr. Sean Mallory, Chief of Surgery. "The severed optic nerves have a very delicate and fragile nature, and to sit and wait for a match would be foolish. The assembled panel as well as myself have concluded it imperative to harvest the right eye and make a new left eye out of it."

People connected with the singer were concerned about the overall risks. Houston's family queried the doctor about the failure index. They were quickly reassured, in clinical terms.

"It's really lose/lose, if we do nothing," he said. "because if we do nothing, then his left eye vision is forever lost at a 100% odds factor. If we put his right eye over there, then he has at least a 60% chance of regaining sufficient left-eye vision--something we all want."

The surgery is a difficult one, insofar as there are muscular reaclimation issues to deal with, not to mention the attempted reattachment of the optic nerve itself.

"There is also a lingering possibility that Mr. Houston could be confined to using anti-rejection drugs for the long term," said Mallory. "But this is the chance we have to take. The greatest minds in medicine have weighed in with an astonishing consensus for organic harvest."

Experts say that the recovery period could be worse for the singer than the surgery itself.

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