Monday, February 07, 2005

Man On Street Reporter Dumber Than Man On Street

New York--Evidence surfaced this afternoon that a hired, man on the street reporter may actually be stupider than the blooming idiot he was supposed to be highlighting.

Frank Nicotero, a reporter for the WB Network's Street Smarts was seen admitting that he too, would have answered "President Gettysburg" when queried about who freed the slaves, in cutting room footage obtained by The Therapist.

In a later interview, Nicotero was also unable to identify the progenitors of Reaganomics, The Monroe Doctrine, or the primary character in The Passion of the Christ.

A "Grant's Tomb" query proved equally embarrassing.

Nicotero: Thinks Lincoln was
shot in a convertible

"This is just the kind of thing we don't need," quipped one WB Executive. "How are we supposed to capitalize on the aggregate stupidity of others when our man in the ring is seen admitting that he thought Martin Luther King was shot by James Earl Jones?"

Nicotero could not be reached for a response to these remarks.

Television's Street Smarts gameshow is less of a gameshow than it is spectacle. The Hollywood Squares-like premise is altered with the questions being asked of everyday morons on the street, as opposed to the one who make movies and sit in sequestered boxes.

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