Thursday, February 10, 2005

Iraq To Sue Iran For Euphemistic Encroachment

May also seek compensation for use of "infidels" and "Great Satan."

Baghdad--officials within key terror groups in Iraq said today that Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami was in violation of "unwritten copyrights" in the Islamic world.

The most notable example: his threat to turn Iran into a "burning hell" for any aggressor. The phrase, meant to be a potential euphemism for a nuclear confrontation.

"We have worked hard and long to come up with these colorful phrases said Mohammad Ali Kareem Rodham Abdul Jabbar, a spokesperson for Hamas Jr. "And we will not sit by and let others feast off our labor without compensation."

The group also lays claim to phrases like "drink the blood from your necks," "mother of all wars," "Plucking out of the eyes," and "bind you hand and foot."

"These are ours," said Jabbar. "When we want to be extra scary, we use them faster."

Political Science professors in America think the Iranians are missing some creative opportunities.

"Let look at President Khatami's speech," said Dr. Stephen Bolshevik. "A burning hell for any aggressor. The greatest metaphor in these statements is 'any aggressor.' That always means the United States. Always."

Hamas Jr. filed a supplementary suit against Dr. Bolshevik for quoting the phrase from the other suit.

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