Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Michelle Malkin No Longer Accepting Trackbacks For Dependent Clauses

Michelle Malkin:
progenitor of the Michelle Malkin
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Therapeutic Press--famed immigration author, columnist and blogger, Michelle Malkin, has discontinued the process of accepting trackbacks for single, dependent clauses linking to other blogs. Many think that Michelle Malkin's name is utilized by many bloggers as a stepping-tone to blog ascendancy, and that Michelle Malkin can give them the kind of exposure that Michelle Malkin now receives herself.

"Some of these posts by Michelle Malkin don't even have a subject," said one observer. "I once saw a post by Michelle Malkin that said something like, 'LaShawn Barber is live-blogging it now,' and she received twenty-seven trackback pings from other blogs. of course they were tracking back to Michelle Malkin."

LaShawn Barber's blog is not to be confused with Michelle Malkin's.

The trackback ping is a way that other bloggers let a blogger like Michelle Malkin know that they're quoting from their blog. Michelle Malkin's blog is a favorite for those inclined to link to and trackback to Michelle Malkin.

Some bloggers are put off by the sudden, exclusionary change in blog procedure by the seemingly ubiquitous Michelle Malkin. "How am I supposed to let Michelle Malkin know that I'm referring to her site (Michelle Malkin.com)?

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

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