Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Detained Suicide Conspirator Under Homicide Watch

Could attempt to project suicide to someone else

Krein: Authorities fear
he could commit an
extroverted suicide

Portland, Ore.—Gerald Krein, the man authorities believe attempted to stage a mass suicide on Valentines Day, is now under a 24-hour homicide watch.

“The first few days are crucial to people in these situations,” said a Portland psychologist. “The inherently suicidal can turn on a dime and attempt to project their suicidal tendencies on others, yet believe they’ve killed themselves.”

Krein, 26, attempted through the use of Internet chat rooms, to assemble a group of people, including some children, to hang themselves on the most romantic day of the year.

“Let’s just say that Valentine’s Day is a sad day for Star Trek aficionados,” said the psychologist. “And I have a feeling that when they get into this guy’s psyche—I mean really get into it—there’s a failed Vulcan pinch technique driving this whole thing.”

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