Friday, February 18, 2005

Bill Cosby's Legacy To File Groping Charges Against Jesse Jackson's Legacy

LA--Comedian Bill Cosby's legacy, under a recent siege of groping charges, is planning on filing a separate set of groping charges--against Jesse Jackson's legacy.

Bill Cosby's legacy may
have been groped into rhetorical
silence by Jesse Jackson's legacy

Cosby’s Legacy claims the groping has negated his influence in black culture.

"Here my guy is trying to put the good word out to his own people, " said Cosby's legacy, "stop beating up your women, clean up your language, pull your pants up--the whole package. Rev. Jackson's legacy can't stand to have such an obviatingly stark message out there, or the whole illegitimate child thing may start to hurt his guy."

Some feel that Rev. Jackson's legacy has too long been intoxicated by an atmosphere of monolithic power--a sort of dictatorial hold on black sociopolitical issues. Rev. Jackson’s legacy begs to differ, and claims the intimidating groping was consensual.

"Here, this whippersnapper Cosby legacy comes in here talking all this smack about hip-hop music, and counterculture 'pimp and ho' talk. He has no business messing with my guy's territory. We're having a hard enough time keeping our people voting for ex-Klansmen from West Virginia as it is, without Mr. 'I did it without sticking it to the man' walking up in our face. That’s ‘come hither’ dialogue if I’ve ever heard it."

Jackson's legacy also insists that Cosby's legacy was "asking for a groping" by even venturing to ask black culture to clean up their own act.

Rev. Jackson’s legacy also indicated a willingness to cede influence to NAACP heir apparents—the legacies of R. Kelley, Snoop Dog, and Busta Rhymes.

“Just keep that little white girl legacy of Cosby out of my face,” said Jackson’s legacy.

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