Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gore Grounds Shuttle Launch Over Smog Emissions

Right blinker also not working, says NASA

Cape Canaveral--As scientists were preparing for a second run at the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery, the mission was grounded for a second time in two days, this time because it exceeded Florida emissions standards.

"As we were fueling her up for what we were hoping would be a conciliatory weather window, former Vice President Al Gore came speeding up on a Segway Hybrid pointing some kind of telemetry pistol at the base of the shuttle," said NASA Representative Wade Eminit. "Then he pulled his credentials and said, 'pull her over here.'"

Eminit also noted that while the shuttle's emergency flashers seems to be in working order; the right blinker's non-functioning status could also pose a problem.

"It's bad enough that we now have to screw a giant catalytic Converter onto the bottom of the shuttle and recalculate the ratios of fuel to booster weight," he said. "Now, we have an electrical problem. And you know where those can go."

Gore, author of the books Earth In The Balance, is said to have arranged a "significant wreath of reconciliation" to those disappointed by the mission's indefinite postponement, by providing those involved with tickets to see his movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

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