Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kerry Secretly Hoped For 11th-Hour Arrival Of 38 More Votes For Pullout Timetable

Razor-thin margin reflects deep divisions amongst electorate, say dems

Kerry: razor thin-defeat shows his political capital for '08

Washington--As the Kerry-Feingold pullout timetable was soundly rejected by an 86-13 margin, many insiders say that Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry, was holding out for a last-minute change of heart by 38 more people--some within his own party.

"Sure, it's disheartening," said Kerry. "So close yet so far. I'm a man who is generally optimistic right before I'm pessimistic. And you can take that to the bank before withdrawing it. Also, I went to Vietnam."

Sources close to the one-time presidential front-runner say the Senator kept his fingers crossed "right down to the last 'nay.'"

"He's a man of incredible resilience," said one source inside the Senator's office. "His positive inertia may one day carry the day on getting out of Iraq, even though his resolution was so narrowly defeated. Plus, he went to Vietnam."

Many political analysts believe the 38-vote defeat index "highlights a particularly deep schism within the aisles of middle America."

"This is a symptom of George Bush's deeply-divisive policies," said one analyst. "The country is decided on this issue, and Mr. Bush best summon the realists in his administration, because when the Democrats lose another five to ten seats in the mid-term elections, he won't be laughing at the constituency represented by those 13 votes on the pullout resolution."

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