Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Threatens To Not Eat Until Soldiers Don't Come Home In Two Weeks

Vows to take hunger strike on road, stop eating repeatedly

Washington--Anti-war "peace mom," Cindy Sheehan is turning up the heat on the Bush Administration.

Standing outside the White House yesterday, she told an assembled crowd she is beginning a hunger strike that will continue "until the troops still don't get pulled out of Iraq."

"This is a war crime," said Sheehan, whose son was killed in the conflict. "And now, I'm going to underscore this crime by depriving myself of the energetic base by which I pester this Administration."

Sheehan notes that she prepared to stop eating "as many times as I must in order to not make a difference in the national debate on the war."

The approach does not leave her with a dearth of high-profile friends either. Actors Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn have signed on as alternate brunch-foregoers should Sheehan find the vegetarian curry, rice and beans "too much to bear alone."

Sheehan also noted that she would spend the entire summer outside Bush's Crawford, texas ranch, beginning hunger strikes in as "rapid a succession as needed" even possibly extending each one to as much as two weeks before eating again.

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