Thursday, September 29, 2005

Besides, There's No Way I Could Satirize My Point

I sat and read the account of how Kathleen Blanco asked not to be questioned about her response to hurricane Katrina.

I also note that the Republicans obliged her. This makes me SICK.

There is a sincere part of me--and I mean a big one--that does believe in a biblical end to this stupid freak show down here. And I happen to believe the way to expedite it is to just go ahead and let the Democrats run things for a few terms. Let them just go ahead and take over, instead of having the republican leadership just incrementally take date-rape medication and run for reelection.

Of course, that means that I would have to actively work to defeat the Republicans, in retribution for bending over at the slightest request from the left. I'm on the verge of it.

I felt this way when the Republicans decided to "power share" with the democrats. That is also why I was pleased to see Trent Lott lose his leadership position--even though he lost it in the white-hot hypocrisy of those racist democrats who called for his firing.

I also have to admit I found it humorous that John McCain actually thought he was going to have a cogent conversation with that malleable velociraptor, Cindy Sheehan. Instead, she took a bite of his skull, and walked away.

Every single time a republican caves in the left, they get ravished, and tossed to the roadside in a Hefty two-ply.

When are they going to learn?

My guess is, when President Hillary Clinton uses her line-item veto to kill an infanticide ban from the crime bill, that's when.

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