Wednesday, September 21, 2005

1 Out of 1 Therapists Say Fly Fishing More Fun Than Blogging

Redding, Ca.--In a recent poll amongst online bloggers calling themselves The Therapist, researchers indicate that 100% percent of those individuals would "rather be fly fishing," as opposed to the sometimes fruitless task of conjuring satirical headlines meant to lampoon real life.

"I am totally committed to hitting the Girvan Channels this evening," said Ron G., a Northen California resident and online Therapist. "At least getting no traffic there means I still absorb the solitude of wading the lower Sacramento River. Plus, I don't have to link to a source trout if I catch one on an elk hair caddis with a surface grab."

Most Therapists indicate that "fishing could trump" any literary ambitions, and that blogging "hangs by a thread weaker than 5x tippet material."

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