Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maybe I'm Just Not Clear

I am NOT quitting blogging.

What I am doing, however, is freeing myself of the satirical constraints that I had wrongly assumed was my final "voice" in this medium.

Oh, no, I'm not going anywhere. And for now, I'll continue to operate under this moniker.

But first, let me change back to my original picture.

There, that's better.

I'm going with what I feel. My good friend, John, from Wuzzadem, very rightly pointed out to me on the telephone that every single thing I have ever satirized on this blog could have been handled just as cleverly with a little more literary deftness.

He's right, you know. I's rather be doing what Ann Coulter does, but I'll accept Scott Ott's speaking fees, if anybody wants to pay them. Plus, I know I have such skill. So enough chit chat. I am now operating outside whatever disciplines I had heretofore chained my style to, and I'm sick of trying to be the fair and balanced Onion.

Time to fly. . . I hope you like it. Comments will be back up later on, when I overcome the lack of desire to monkey with my html template again.

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