Friday, July 15, 2005

Judith Miller Circles Wagon, Makes Licence Plate

New York--As the New York Times makes repeated passes on the credibility of GOP strategist Karl Rove as a leak source, many in Washington are in "awe" as Times reporter, Judith Miller, continues to "circle her wagon in there."

Miller was jailed in refusing to testify and reveal her sources related to the alleged outing of an undercover agent. Observers are noting that her employer, The New York Times, continues to finger Rove as the source, the longer Ms. Miller will have to attempt to force the unwieldy nature of her own wagon into a circumferential shape.

"All the other wagons are at Rove's house right now," said one insider at the New York Times. "And those wagons keep un-circling, over and over again. I feel bad for whoever Judith’s source is, because having a single wagon circling you cannot be comfortable."

The Times gave no indication of when it massive enclave of un-circling wagons would head over to the Alexandria jail to help with Miller's solitary wagon-circling caper.

"Last night they made another circle around Novak and Rove," said a Times insider. "Now they're un-circling today. You never know with the Old Gray Lady. Maybe she has some elliptically-oriented wagons somewhere."

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