Wednesday, July 13, 2005

SPLASH: Rove May Have Exposed Matrimonial Connection Between Husband, Wife

Karl Rove is bearing increased scrutiny, as many accuse the GOP
strategist of using the smokescreen of preventing a false story to
out Joseph Wilson as being married to a woman.

Washington--As president Bush's critics call for Karl Rove's ouster, new details are emerging that appear to confirm allegations that the GOP strategist may have outed Joseph Wilson as "married."

Wilson had been investigating possible connections between Africa and Iraq's nuclear weapons program, which he claimed was fabricated to exaggerate Iraq’s imminent threat to America.

In an email to Time magazine reporter Mathew Cooper, Rove warned Cooper about credibility issues with the staunch and largely discredited critic, noting that his trip to Africa was arranged by his "wife."

California senator Barbara Boxer (D) did not mince words in the issue.

"It's bad enough that we can't get the gays married," said Boxer. "But to compound the traditional marriage statistics with a marriage never intended to be exposed is treason."

Boxer also says the marital revelation is part of the "absolute political genius" of Karl Rove.

"I'll bet you, that if he gets away with this, every democratic male married to a member of the opposite sex will have that fact laid out before God and man," she said. "Before you know it, it'll overly normalize traditional marriage in the minds of the people. It's too late for me to conceal it, but I try to butch up my hair for academic symbolism anyway."

Rove has yet to comment on whether he actually implied that Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame, actually took vows. Insiders say that it would have been "rhetorically unnatural" to avoid using the word "wife" when noting that Wilson's wife had made travel arrangements for him.

Boxer said the investigative furor was far from over.

"We are now looking into fresh allegations that Rove referred to Wilson as a husband," she said. "And again, this illustrates the man's tactical genius. To out a man as married using the cover of trying to prevent a Time reporter's journalistic embarrassment--that's pure, unadulterated evil."

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