Thursday, July 14, 2005

World Searches For Elusive Thread Connecting Suicide Bombers

Logical disconnect taxing greatest minds in counter terrorism; Norwegians to be profiled in beta program

The greatest minds in counter terrorism are unable to establish even one thread of commonality between these suicide bombers. Many believe the mysterious and mystical connection may never be discovered.

Washington--As the world embraces London in the wake of the first recorded suicide attacks in Europe, counter terrorism experts at home and abroad are wrestling with the most frustrating of conundrums: what single thread binds these seemingly disconnected events together?

"Normally, some sort of peculiar similarities would jump right out at you," said one unnamed source at the Pentagon. "But for the life of us, these people have so skillfully erased the identifying red flags one would look for, we have no idea where to even begin looking for the next squad of killers."

Many believe that the attacks; Sept 11th, the Pentagon, London, Madrid, etc., are all the work of individualists, whom many in the American administration would pigeonhole for political gain.

"It's very convenient to start playing fast and loose with aesthetics," said one representative with Amnesty International. "Just because a mosque full of Arabs in Topeka was throwing ticker-tape when the towers came down--does not give you the right to start inductively creating your own homeland security dossier."

The representative also said that homeland security efforts would be better spent investigating Norwegians.

"There is a program in beta testing right now," said the source. "Counter terrorist organizations now have the required impunity when dealing with those of scrubbed, alabaster countenance. There's no place to hide, now."

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