Saturday, July 09, 2005

I Will Not Allow My Anti-Semitism To Be Outsourced!

By Ken Livingstone,
London Mayor and Guest Columnist

If anybody's going to start putting the heat on Jews around here, it's me.

I was elected handily here, and the very fact that I am a rabid anti-semite is well chronicled. One would have thought that this alone would insulate Londoners from attack by those sand people, but I was wrong.

The battle here appears to be economic, not ideological. And I'm not going to sit by and watch my dreams of a Jew-free world be outsourced by the talentless and uncreative Al Queida types.

Notice all the Churchillian references to my outrage? That my friends, was talent! Five strategically-timed blasts meant to put the full-court press on us turned me into a deity roaming the outside plinth of the Bartlett's Pantheon.

NPR's over there saying that Blair's unified front with Bush caused this, and I agree in public with them. That Bush and his bloodlust to free others and protect his own people will be his downfall.

But back to those Jewish people. Until the day comes that Israel realizes that their true geographical heritage lies at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, then we must press on.

But I will do it without having done to me by Al Queida what John McCain did to Bill Frist over there in the US--except I want to rid the world of Jews instead of have an up-or-down vote on judges.

Bring it on Osama! You may have the quantitative edge over me, but I have the qualitative one over you--posers!

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