Thursday, July 14, 2005

Matt Drudge's Armageddon Scoop Diminished By Pop-Up Ads

Drudge's 30-minute Armageddon scoop was practically nullified this morning, as wireless internet companies and movie rental offshoots struggled for an economic advantage during global incineration.

Jerusalem--As the Kings of the East filed their million-man army into the Valley Of Megiddo for a final world conflict, Matt Drudge's on-site reporting was being blocked by pop-up ads.

"This exactly points up the problematic issues with the internet," said one media observer. "By the time the majority of the viewing audience was finished minimizing the unsolicited Netflix window, CNN was running reports about how the arid riverbeds of the Euphrates were conducive to disprortionately high troop movement.

Drudge was however, able to have the majority of his visitors back on line in time to see a massive 1/3 of the world population be evaporated in a sudden, conflagratory flash of light.

"As soon as that crimson-tide hits the horse bridles, I'm on it."
he said. "And no bifurcating Xanax advertisement better be in the way or we're going to war with our advertisers."

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