Tuesday, July 12, 2005

CBS Blog Editor Denies Pajama Theft

New York--Amidst a burgeoning entry into the blogosphere, upcoming CBS Blog Editor, Vaughn Ververs is denying scattered reports of amassing "inordinate amounts of pajamas outside the theoretical realms of retail."

CBS's public record on the blogosphere was heretofore an antagonistic one, as the medium--and particularly specialized blogs--are deemed responsible for expediting the retirement of CBS news anchor, Dan Rather. Rather's pre-election production of dubiously sourced documents injurious to the Bush campaign was exposed largely by the medium into which the network now hopes to embrace. CBS News Executive, Johnathan Klein, complained of the pajama-clad lapses in journalism.

Ververs is well aware of the augmented status of sleep wear.

"I don't deny that I personally own a number of flannel two-pieces,” he said. "But I acquired them in fashions commensurate with the societal template for undergarment purchases. And Kinko's is the most understated garment purveyor in the country."

Ververs said that all accusations of thievery "should cease, unless all sources are willing to undergo a public vetting."

Rather's level of input into the blog, although some sources say he is demanding the blog to be titled Courage.

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