Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Souter's Suitors

By now you have heard vis-a-vis Matt Drudge that a group is intending to press an Eminent Domain brief to build a hotel on Justice David Souter's house.

This is fine. But they've ruined my satire, as my sage face is now shoved beneath the waterline of ansurdity.

I have not taken this lightly. I've emailed the progenitor of this quirky exploit at Freestar Media:

Dear Sir,

The other day, I achieved nearly legendary status as a blogger with my cutie-pie satire about the DC Mayor bulldozing Ruth Bader Ginsberg's house. This piece was so viscerally funny that I became instantly famous around the world for my acerbic wit. So far I have not Appeared on Hannity & Colmes, and have also managed to not be tracked down and interviewed by Diane Sawyer.

Now you guys have gone off and given genuine currency to what I was hoping to have exist within the sphere of satire for at least another week.

Could you please either:

1) Postpone ousting Souter until after the 4th of July, so as to allow the absurdity of what I've written maintain its almost immortal inertia.


2) Actually Bulldoze Ruth Bader Ginsberg's house. This one would grant me the status of prophet in the blog world, and maybe Instapundit would link to me more.

By the way, you should listen to the Jim Vicevich show (WTIC, Hartford). He's liable to be covering your Eminent Domain grab for Souter's pad.

It is my prayer that thou dost render him homeless, just not at the expense of my fame.

In Mutual Struggle,

The Therapist

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