Saturday, June 25, 2005

Clinton Praises Billy Graham For Depriving Arkansans Of Gospel

New York--Former President Bill Clinton spoke briefly to the assembled masses in New York, in what is believed to be the Rev. Billy Graham's last US crusade.

Clinton's remarks preceded the short sermon--noting the exponential respect he garnered for the man, when he refused to preach before a segregated audience.

"I Love this man," said Clinton. "When confronted with the chance to preach love to a people divided by rigid race delineations, this man refused. There's nothing I respect more than a man who will shirk the Great Commission."

Graham, 86, delivered a short sermon that was interrupted by applause five times. Organizers estimated 80,000 people had come to the crusade at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. Many observers took note of Graham's frailty--particularly when he recognized the Clintons as a "great couple."

"Yeah, we're worried that little gaffe will cost us the balance of the sermon, said one Graham associate. "After that, ant statement about the immaculate conception, or Golgotha is just plain up in the air."

Graham proceeded to hail the Clintons as the "epitome of humility in marriage," and encouraged Bill Clinton to "continue walking flawlessly in Jesus' footsteps of fidelity." Graham also had kind words for Senator Clinton--also present.

"I believe God wants Hillary to be president," he said to muted applause. "Or my name isn't Oral Roberts."

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