Sunday, June 26, 2005

Discrepancy Cited In Child's Birthday, Party

4 year-old Clara is seen celebrating a June 26th birthday
with her sister, Emmaon June 25th, a revelation that appeared
to puzzle the child immensely.

Redding, Ca--An area daughter's birthday came under a cloud of scrutiny today, as word leaked out that a requisite birthday party may have been held a day early.

Ron G., an area entertainer and part-time blogger, admits to a June 25th birthday party for 4 year-old, Clara.

"My wife and I both plotted to do it this way," he said. "We figured a Saturday celebration would allow for more scheduling latitude on the part of the invitees."

Flags were raised when Clara, aged 4, awoke from her bed June 26th to the exultant chants of "Happy Birthday!" from her parents and sister.

"Once I saw those furrowed eyebrows, I knew the jig was up," said her dad. "We had to come clean and admit she was actually just shy of four when she was getting admonished to put her shoes back on by the Turtle Bay docent. We’ll never do that again."

Clara defended her parents, citing “No controlling chronological authority.”

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