Sunday, December 19, 2004

Negotiating the Technical Labyrinth

I have to apologize right out of the gate, to those of you who have taken the time to post comments. I deleted them with one wayward click of the mouse.

My amateurish attempts to make this blog something viable outside the perview of my friends, has had me rooting around the catacombs of my own html template language with a crescent wrench. Somewhere between the Blogsnob advertisements and uploading the ability to view "trackbacks" I erased something irretrievable. I also managed to reformat my neighbor's hardrive, drop a salmon steak into the dog's dish, and lauch an ICBM on Montreal--all with one schitzophrenic slap at the keyboard.

Oh, and I also had to replace my counter with another one. Anyone new to this site should be duly impressed with the fact that the counter codes allow one to start at any number desired, and I have thus eschewed the temptation to prime the pumps with a phantom readership constituency of 12,000. I may be burgeois in my self image, but remain proletarian in my presentation.

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