Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ripping Defeat Out of Victory's Jaws--Why Trent Lott Needs An Estrogen Reduction

Mississippi Senator Trent Lott is not far behind the "Surrender Uber Alles" commonwealth of Euroweenies. Taking an almost Pavlovian cue from shell-shocked knasher-of-teeth, John McCain, Mr. Lott is throwing his surprising and awe-inspiring dissent into the Rumsfeld Pugilistic Confab.

This is why he, along with Senator Arlen Specter(R-Pennsylvania, and purveyor of the "Scottish Law" defence when not voting to impeach Bill Clinton) need to be tossed into the same metaphorical shredder they've been shoving the Tree of Liberty into for their entire careers. Every time I even think of those two dullards, I see men who cannot, for any reason, come to grips with the fact that their party has actually been in charge of the senate for the first time in forty years. And it's been ten years since that happened.

So what does Mr. Lott do when given the scepter of authority over the Senate? He gives the Democrats equal committe sharing authority as an "olive branch." Meanwhile, Ted Kennedy laughs, at yet another passenger yelling "shotgun" as he prepares to hit the road. The Democrats would have never done such a thing. When they're in charge, they know it. And unfortunately, they act on it.

So Troubador Trent heads out to a celebration of the life and career of Sen. Strom Thurmond, and has the audacity to praise the life of the former segregationist. Now, Mr. Lott's simple and extemporaneous praise for Mr. Thurmond at an event specifically designed to do so is appropriated by the Democrats to mean "You showed them niggers back in the day, hoss." A media firestorm erupts, in which Mr. Lott, an erstwhile silo of testoserone, goes out and apologizes, again, and again, and again. Not good enough for the Most Tolerant Party on the Face of the Planet. They demanded that Lott resign his committee chaimanships, and pass his party leadership to some other, banal, nondescript eunuch.

Lott resigned, but not before apologizing yet again. never bothered to get into parsing what he actually said.

Yes, Mr. Thurmond was a hard-core segregationist. Yes, he opposed civil rights legislation. Yes, he did what he could to prevent the black man from integrating into white schools. I have a news flash for you.

He was also a Democrat when he committed these sins. Oddly enough it was somewhat commencorate with switching to the Republican party, that he also renounced his own past.

Lott could've fought the posse comitatus waiting outside his office, and said exactly what I've written. Instead he wilted like an anorexic vegetarian with Osteoperosis. And breathes life, yet again into the anecdotal legacy of the Pansius Maximus:

Why did Napolean plant trees along the Boulevards in France?
So the Germans could march in the shade.

Yes, we should listen to old Trent. He not only recognizes when the fat lady sings, but will sometimes don the wig and drag necessary to do it himself.

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