Sunday, December 05, 2004

More French Competence on Display

Take look at this news story from ABC News. What do you get when you combine:
  1. One airport security test.(in France)
  2. 150 grams of plastic explosive.
  3. One incompetent bomb-sniffing dog.
  4. 80 possible planes.
  5. The same media that covers US operation in Iraq

You get an "inoffensive" incident. "Naw, this stuff, without the proper catalysts, is nothing but 150 grams of hershey's chocolate." Had this been a United States federal safety exercise, it would not have ended there, but been absolutely "explosive" in its life cycle, along with protracted theories of suitcase nukes, Anthrax spores, and phantom Al Queida cells camping out near preschools with their bayonets set to "toddler."

But because it was deemed "inoffensive" by the French, it ends there. Something smells, and I don't mean Jaques Chirac. I mean ABC news and their lack of desire to use the "but this raises more questions than answers" ploy utilized on nealry 100% of stories that might:

  1. Show a robust economy
  2. Prove George W. Bush can operate a fighter jet better than a beer bong.

No raised eyebrows. No "what did they know and when did they know it." Just "awww, those goofy French just put 150 grams of C4 on a plane, and couldn't find it."

No big deal. Next thing you know, that zany Kofi Annam will find oil-for-food money in the pocket of an old coat.

Or folded up under an Auchwitz lampshade . . .

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