Saturday, December 11, 2004

You Say "Islamophobia" Like it's a Bad Thing

Here it comes . . .

The same contingent that has successfully deemed anyone who disagrees with gay marriage a "Homophobe" is now going to put the thumbscrews to the dictionary with the term "Islamophobia."

Strategic Suggestion

The Homophobic epithet is easily dismissed as ridiculous, once you merely state that there is a yawning chasm between "a frantic, almost paralyzing fear of contact with homosexuals"(where that quirky "phobia" thing enters the fray) and believing that plenty of good, wonderful people can be wrong, sinful, and aberrant in their behavioral choices. I also have common relations with people that are alcoholics, adulterers, and liars. Guess what? I still deal with them on a very friendly basis as well, but here's a news flash--I teach my children that these beahaviors, morays, and beliefs are destructive to their bodies, as well as their soul.

That approach will pretty much end the tirade of the self-righteous leftist babbler--primarily because they will just go and pick the same fight with someone else, who will cower in fear that they may be thought of in this light. The left can easily make the gays look victimized with this term because the gays did not hijack the Mary Kay jet and fly it into the Claire's Boutique Distribution Center.

The left are always taking up the sword against the opponent they know will not do the same thing, and defend the side that will most likely hurt them first--either politically or, God forbid (or, big bang eschew), physically. The one exception is where they know that he dangerous contingent they are opposing exists within a societal bubble that will run to their defense and protect them if they become too irritating--in other words, the left will always take to shining a light on some isolated, 25-member pocket of skinheads in Idaho. But bring an entire nation of Nazis to bear, and those jews should just go ahead an operate their own ovens.

This is why Hollywood Nutjobs like Alec Baldwin go out and act like the Republicans are slave owners. It's easy to be a brave and victorious opponent of slavery, because a Republican ended it over a hundred and fifty years ago. When in reality, if Mr. Baldwin were plying his marginal acting talents in the civil war era, Robin Leach would over at his plantation manor with cameras trolling the Sally Hemmings wing for his next special.

But Islamophobia, which apparently has the United Nations worried, is the New Call. My personal response, for the time being, is to embrace it. Primarily these slogans are created for the purpose of shutting up conservatives(out of fear that their career goals and social standing will be affected) But I would do this:

"Yes that's right I'm an Islamophobe, the same way that I'm a cancer-aphobe. Call me a reactionary but I'd like my kids to grow up and be virgins, than to blow up and expect them. And if I have this sudden, uncontrollable urge to oppose Islamic opression than you get over it. There's just something about the combination of the Koran, and orange jumpsuit, and elongated cutlery that makes me all crazy like that."

By the way, Tom Clancy's novel The Sum of All Fears, which deals with Islamic Nuts trying to detonate a nuclear device at the Superbowl(oh what a stretch), was picked up in 2002, by a Hollywood producer. They made a few minor changes.

Like to make guess?

They went "Heil!(spit), heil! (spit)", right in Der Fuerher's face.

Yes Hollywood, that great taker-on of all that is evil, is going to eradicate in 2002 what we already did in the 1940's. Brave brave Hollywood.

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